Welcome to the Pole Palace – Part 1

Introducing . . .  Peach Lee Ray

Peach Lee Ray

Peach confidencePeach is a pole dancer who specialises in pole flow, floor work, and choreography. She is an instructor at Flying Ballerinas, in the Wirral. As a performer she has been a finalist in numerous competitions, winning DF Amateur in 2016 and receiving the Judge’s Choice award at Supreme Poledown 2017.

Coming from an academic background with a first class honours degree in History of Art, Peach loves to infuse her performances with inventive themes, signature artistry and dynamic style. As an established confidence coach she is currently touring her workshops across the UK and will be partaking in the Pole World Festival in 2018.

Her blog, Pole With Peach, receives thousands of visitors each month from all around the world. With training advice, opinion pieces, and many more topics spanning her expertise in confidence coaching, the mind, and pole dance, Peach loves to explore the cognitive and psychological benefits pole has to offer.

She has guest blogged for pole brands including X Pole and Cleo the Hurricane, and was shortlisted for the international undergraduate of the year award in the arts category at her university.

She has trained in the classic sight size method of oil painting in Florence, Italy, and enjoys painting portraiture and still life alongside her pole work.

You can follow more of her work here:


My Self-Love Story: Learning to Let Go of False Confidence

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