Welcome to the Pole Palace – Part 3

Tolzy Pole Wins the Crown! Introducing Pole Queen, Rachel Tolzman

Rachel Tolzman

IMG_4157Originally from the USA, Rachel is an internationally trained pole athlete, musician and opera singer. She has an MM and BM in Vocal Performance, and a BFA in Musical Theatre, studying at the prestigious institutions: Ithaca College, Boston Conservatoire and University of Colorado in the USA.

She has over 20 years of dance experience including ballet, tap, ballroom, pole and aerial arts and recently won first place at the 2017 Miss Pole Dance UK competition. She was also the Silver Medallist at the 2017 Pole Sport Organisation European Competition. She was first place at 2016 International Pole & Aerial Tournament (IPAAT) and teaches Advanced and Professional Pole classes regularly in London.

She was recently featured in The Sunday Times and you can read the article here. Rachel experiments with all sides of pole dancing and hopes to use her love for the art to increase the popularity of pole in mainstream society.

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