Welcome to the Pole Palace – Part 4

No caption needed

Aleksandra Karolina

When we first saw Aleks perform, we were absolutely speechless. She had grace and class, but her breathtaking beauty and sweet sensuality instantly captivated us.

Her dance moves and angles were perfectly placed and she effortlessly linked the more exotic styles of pole choreography with traditional, classique styles of contemporary dance . . . and she did it all in 8-inch heels no less!!!! Here’s a bit more about her:

Aleksandra Karolina is a London based pole dance instructor, performer and international competitor. She has been teaching pole dance for over 6 years. Hailing from Poland, Aleks has always passionate for dance. When she was 16 years old, she was scouted to join a local dance group, where she trained jazz, funk, contemporary, street dance and ballet fundamentals. She performed locally with the group, and continued her training for another 2 years, visiting the UK several times for street dance workshops with one of the top ‘Got To Dance’ choreographers. She moved to London shortly after to undertake Business Tourism studies at the University of West London. Aleksandra started pole dancing in 2011 at Ecole De Pole London under the training of owner and international champion, Justine McLucas.

After 2 years of regular training, she became a pole dance instructor and started touring pole studios internationally. Aleksandra was a finalist in Pole Theatre UK 2015, and was the Overall Winner and Classique Amateur Winner of Pole Theatre Greece 2016. She was one of the top 5 finalists at Pole Theatre World 2017 and was also a finalist in Pole Theatre Germany 2017.

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