Welcome to the Pole Palace – Part 2

Enter Amytis . . .

Ayana Setareh guest performing as Cleopatra VII


Ayana Setareh (Thanatos) أين  is an African-American, Italian dual citizen and entertainer based in London, UK. Thanatos (the Angel of Death) is the personification of Death, and the Ancient Greek variation of the Hebrew, Malakh Ha-Mashhit, or ‘the Destroying Angel.’

Born and raised Ayana Joy Patton, in Seattle, WA, and educated at Ingraham and Rainier Beach High Schools, as well as Howard University, Washington, DC (B.A. Dean’s List, Journalism & Politics), Ayana sees herself as an entertainer with a social purpose.

Ayana moved to London in 2009 to pursue an M.A., Financial Economics. She graduated the following year with Merit overall and Distinction on her final dissertation (a study on economic growth in South Africa, before and after Apartheid).

As a Full Equity Member, an RSA Fellow, and a Full Member of the UK Institute of Fundraising, Ayana uses performing as a tool to educate others in relevant social issues affecting women globally. She loves to recreate history, on stage, and perform traditional artistic work in a unique and innovative way.

In 2018, she left a successful career in Philanthropy, due to mental health struggles, and has been performing and advocating for Pole Dance as an Art form across the US and Europe ever since.

With an upbringing heavily influenced by Persian, Native and African culture, and a life-long interest in politics, Ayana sees herself as a modern-day, Amytis of Media.

Ayana views Pole Dance as an empowerment tool, which helps her heal and explore the divine feminine, whilst staying true to moral, Southern Christian values. She loves to experiment with the Russian Elite and European Classique techniques of Pole Dance & Sport and founded the Persepolis Pole Project in 2016.

You can read more about her here, and view more of her work at:




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