Welcome to the Pole Palace – Part 2

Entering . . . Ayana Setareh

Ayana Setareh

Ayana Setareh is an African-American, Italian singer, model, and pole dancer based in London, UK.

Born and raised in Seattle, WA, Ayana has been involved in the performing arts since her early youth. Hailing from a family with an extensive background in law and politics, Ayana has always had an interest in how the arts influence social behaviour, and the role of government in defining norms of cultural creativity and artistic expression.

Being formally educated in both the US and UK and holding two professional degrees, Ayana understands the intrinsic value of entertainment in today’s society, as well as the need for more modern, sophisticated entertainers.

Embodying the values of strength, dignity, and grace, Ayana’s stage presence and performance style have a uniqueness, which has been largely influenced by her mixed ethnicity and diverse experiences living amongst many different cultures and people groups.

Likening her image and style to both the classic 1950’s sweetheart, as well as the more daring and bold, femme fatale, Ayana uses entertainment as a platform to safely encourage women to explore all aspects of their femininity and sexuality, whilst staying true to moral values.

She loves to experiment with and explore the more sexy side of pole dancing, and sees the art form as a creative outlet which can really help women in recovery from life-altering circumstances and set backs.

For Ayana, pole dance has been a personal outlet and empowerment tool, as well as a professional art form which has helped restore her creativity and overall sense of well-being.

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