Welcome to the Pole City!

Persepolis Pole Project is a female-led, arts and cultural pole dance project based in London, UK. The project is operated by the artists involved, and together, we fuse modern pole dance artistry into traditional theatrical entertainment. You can read more about our history and founder on our friend, “Blogger on Pole’s” website here.

As sophisticated entertainers from an array of cultural and economic backgrounds, our aim is to create innovative, thought provoking pieces of artistic work, which generate impact and safely address social issues affecting women and girls today. 

The first annual Persepolis Pole Event launched on International Women’s Day 2018 in Islington – considered the worst Local Authority for women in all of Britain. We hope to make strides in changing the flow and feel of the whole city by engaging you all in our new and unique programme of pole dance events!

Our project is completely bespoke, in that it is organised, led, scripted, choreographed and produced by the artists involved – most of whom live, work or train in and around Greater London.

Now that’s what I call Girl Power!

From our Palace to yours, we welcome you to the City of Pole!